Introducing the BBF Toolbox

The Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) Toolbox was developed to guide countries in assessing their readiness to scale up breastfeeding protection, promotion and support. The Toolbox enables countries to navigate the necessary steps to do this. 

The BBF Index (BBFI) invites participating countries to assess 8 simultaneous conditions – the GEARS in the BBF Model – that are measured against specific BENCHMARKS to produce a final SCORE. To help facilitate your assessment, we also provide detailed recommendations about HOW TO take each step, alongside CASE STUDIES with examples of best practices from numerous countries and across multiple sectors.  

The BBFI includes 8 gears and 54 corresponding assessment benchmarks. Having benchmarks within each individual gear can provide valuable data for identifying specific gaps where action is needed after the BBF assessment. 

The BBFI was developed between August 2015 and January 2016 by Yale University in collaboration with a 13-member Technical Advisory Committee of breastfeeding experts working in Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America, West Africa, South and South East Asia and for international organizations located in Geneva, Switzerland, Washington DC, and New York.   

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Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly

A guide to global scale up